PHP form/scripts no longer work

The reason your scripts/forms no longer work is that register_globals is no longer supported in PHP 5.4.  

Register_globals become deprecated as of 5.3.0 and removed as of 5.4.0, you will  have to rewrite all your scripts relying on register_globals=on. If you have some ancient systems written in PHP where complex rewriting would be a nightmare, and you  need your site to work now,  you may just add this line at the beginning of each PHP script that e.g. receives form-variables:


Please note that this is a security issue which is why PHP has removed the option.  (see here)

Sample of correct coding.

$variablename=$_POST["variablename"]; #from POST
$variablename=$_GET["variablename"]; #from GET
$variablename=$_REQUEST["variablename"]; #from both
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