At Host Depot, we build lasting relationships with our customers through courteous customer service, helpful and responsive technical support and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We're very proud of our service offering and would like to share some of the customer feedback we've received with you. If you would like to share your experiences at Host Depot with others, please e-mail us.

"I am consistently amazed at the high level of service and care I receive from your company. Host Depot has been entrusted with all of my company's client websites since 2002. In today's world of impersonal outsourcing, it's a pleasure to be able to connect with "real" people at Host Depot by telephone or using online chat; the personal touch makes all the difference. Host Depot provides effective service technicians who are available 24/7. When I need them, they're tenacious about researching problems and staying in contact to advise when issues are resolved. Whether you're a small company in need of hosting or a large company with multiple technology requirements, you can trust Host Depot to take professional, vested interest in your needs."

Patty Stern Markley, CMP
DMM Group

"It has been a pleasure to grow our company with your services. We are very proud to be part of your family and we are excited about the recent shared web hosting product refresh. We love your service and professionalism and we have no plans to change providers. Despite the competitive market, I highly doubt we would get the service we have received throughout the years from you. Just having an email sent by you and someone else already states your true commitment to loyal customers."

Marvin Nahmias
CIO/CTO Financiera Alcanza SFOL

"I am such a fan of Host Depot that I tell everyone I know. My hosting account has been successfully running thru your host site for a few years now, and I plan on continuing that relationship. The area that you guys always impress me in is when you are proactive with maintenance. So many companies fail to respond to situations, let alone plan ahead for them - THAT IS WHERE I SEE YOU EXCEL! I thank you and Host Depot for the excellent service and look forward to continuing our relationship."

Charlene Arnold
The Perfect Plan, Inc.

"We have had our new website up and running for a few months now. I am extremly happy with the site, what you've done with it and the courteous and professional way you handled all aspects of the project. The search engine optimization has worked great. This morning I typed in cupholders and our site was fourth down on the first page. Before this project started we could not be found anywhere, unless we typed in the company name. A few weeks ago I typed in cupholders and we were on the third page, so it keeps getting better. I will be highly recommending you to all my friends and contacts. "

Ronald Starr
Charles A Starr Co Inc.

"When we were searching for a host back in 2002 we were interested in finding one that gave us the most value. We were also interested in getting our website set up and running as fast as we could. After serious consideration, our team chose Host Depot and we were not disappointed.

In my opinion, what keeps us with them is there amazing technical support team that has gone above and beyond is assisting us when we needed them, and I think that is the key, when we needed them, they were and are always there 24/7. It's just comforting to know that they have such a dedicated team.

Host Depot is constantly adding value and enhancing their products we use. We are very pleased with them."

Matthew Kline

"Hi Host Depot, I just wanted to say that I've had absolutely no qualms about re-subscribing this year, thanks to the excellent service that I've received. To be honest, I didn't look at the cost, since when I had queries or technical issues they were handled so fast that it would be worth whatever you asked. I work in tech support myself, and I know how hard it is to provide a consistent, reliable technical support standard, so keep up the good work - you've got a loyal customer!"

Peter Street

"I wanted to take a moment to tell you how impressed I have been with the excellent service I have received from the team at Host Depot. For the past 5 years, Host Depot has provided me with reliable service and prompt, friendly and knowledgeable responses to any technical questions I have had. In the rare occurrence that a support agent was not immediately available, I have always received a response via e-mail or telephone in a very short time frame.

The addition of spam filtering at the server level has been a tremendous benefit to me and my clients. This feature alone has greatly improved productivity for one of my clients. Prior to moving to Host Depot, they were suffering from scores of spam messages daily, which required users to spend valuable work time combing through these messages to locate orders, and other valuable correspondence from their customers. Because of the excellent spam filters that Host Depot implements at the server level, this issue has been virtually eliminated.

Once again, kudos to you and your team, and I look forward to enjoying your services for many years to come."

Rich Kerr
Rich Kerr & Associates, Inc.

"Once again you folks come through with flying colors. Your quickness to respond and give help is the biggest reason I love having Host Depot host my web site. I have never been put off or disappointed with your service. This is also the reason that I do not hesitate to recommend your company for anyone looking for a web hosting service.

Thank you so very much."

Jon Cox

"Thanks Guys... You are the best web hosting company I have interacted with. Keep up the good work..."

Mudassar Munaff

"Whoa! Done! I love you guys! You have the best costumer service I have ever seen. Every time I have asked a question, boom, there you are and it is always right on the money! Can you teach anyone else this skill, like the phone or cable companies? ...its just so neat to be able to get stuff done. I am all squared away - again."

Lori Ericson
interAmerica Analytics

"We want to thank the Host Depot staff for their outstanding help and support in setting up our dedicated server. Host Depot has become an important part of our company's infrastructure for our website development business. We are extremely pleased with the dedicated server as a powerful resource for ourselves and our clients. Host Depot provided excellent advice in helping us select the best solution for our budget. The technical staff did a great job to transition our various client websites to the new server and assisting us with technical issues. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Host Depot for many years to come."

Chris Gagliano
Computer Friendly Associates, Inc.

"As usual, Host Depot reveals why we choose to keep your service over other brand name services. You people are just GOOD. That is why I tell all my business associates about you and is the reason we all have accounts through your service. Excellent work ... You are an asset to your field."

David Pence

"I've been with a number of companies, all unhappily, until I found Host Depot! [Associate] gave me excellent (I do not use this word lightly) telephone help. She directed it step-by-step in a most pleasant and courteous manner. Kudos to her and to you for having such proficiently trained representatives."

Lois Kalloway

"...This is the best company by far I've dealt with including the *awesome* tools you have implemented for site management and great tech support. Most companies require numerous e-mails to manage details of your site, and here at Host Depot, all but the most detailed change can be done via the tools. Gotta love that... Thanks!"

Bruce N. Baker

"You and your team run a very reliable web hosting company. You are able to work through any issue quickly.

It's nice to work with competent people..."

Paul Burke

"I just want to let you know how easy it has been to work with you guys. Your instructions have been excellent, your documentation impeccable, the service itself, is absolutely unnoticeable... which is to say, that I've never had a complaint. It's never been something I've had to think about.

Thank you so much for this service!"

Cassidy Jordan

"I must say I'm continuously impressed with your tech support department. I don't experience many problems to begin with, but even when I do encounter a problem, your tech support team is able to solve it very quickly and efficiently.

Keep up the good work!"

Richard Brunson

"Everyone at Host Depot has been just great... I would recommend your company to anyone. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!"

Bill Goad

"I am so pleased with Host Depot, and all of the support people who have helped me.  What a breath of fresh air it is to deal with professionals!"

Tom Fetherston

"Just wanted to say a quick thanks for the incredible staff at Host Depot!  Your customer service is fantastic!  You are always quick to respond and so very helpful.  I am very new at all of this and your staff has walked me through many of my silly questions with patience and kindness.  Thank you!  Good service is hard to come by these days."

Lesley Slenning

"The entire staff at Host Depot has gone out of their way to address our every need. On top of the outstanding customer service, you have proactively suggested the most cost effective solutions to our hosting needs. I could not ask for more."

Sean Lacey
CBP Technologies

"Just thought I'd share some great news with you...

I recently convinced one of my clients to move their hosting to you vs. hosting their own server. Their server was slow and had many issues that prevented the site (and my code) from working to it's full potential.

The sites are now moved and the speed and functionality are like nothing else. They are very impressed with Host Depot, and also impressed with me for having recommended you."

Drew Bourke
AVIDEA - Digital Media

"I must tell you that I don't think I will be using any other company for my Internet domain needs in the future as Host Depot seems to rise above the rest in ever way. Thanks!"

Renee Ackerman

"I wanted to pass along my appreciation for your consistently helpful disposition and prompt response to inquiries. Your professionalism and courtesy are a wonderful departure from the norm. I will continue to reccommend Host Depot to my other clients and partners!"

Rich Kerr

"When changing our non-profit web site to Host Depot, questions were answered quickly and challenges were resolved with a "no problem" attitude. Phone support and technical knowledge is without question the best on the web! Thank You!"

Nancy Hockley

"...Everything is working fine and I would like to commend your company. In the years I have been in web design I have yet to see a hosting company that provides such quality services."

Michael Melendez

"The service was very easy to use. Customer support and technical support was top notch everytime I called. I have a very good knowledge of the skills required for customer support since Getronics provides this type of support to Microsoft, Cisco, etc."

Rob Wetzel

"Everything is easy to understand and quick to get started, yet maintains that professional demeanor. On several occasions the customer service reps at Host Depot have come through for me and answered all my questions and concerns. Host Depot is the best value and customer-friendly site hosting service that I've come across. You guys are great!"

Elzbeth MacIain

"I had NO idea what I was missing from my present ISP until I signed up with Host Depot. The SQL Server hosting and administrative features are phenomenal. You guys are REAL experts. I had no idea how powerful an ISP could be until visiting HostDepot.com. The site management utilities you provide are simply incredible. And all this for half what I was paying my previous ISP!!! You guys should raise prices because you are providing WAY too much value for the cost!!!

After reading your services and talking with a representative, I was very excited. After signing up and doing some administration (like setting up a SQL Server database), I am awe struck by the value Host Depot provides.

I could really go on for pages describing how Host Depot is vastly superior to my present (soon to be previous) commercial web site host. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Mark Blocker

"Great support department!!! Fast, friendly and smart... Thanks again!"

Ken McEachern

"You folks are one of the best e-commerce companies I've ever dealt with, from tech support to all around service!"

Bob Areddy

"You guys have really fast response times on Customer Service. Keep it up. This is my third web site with you guys, and my next one will be with you too (you can quote me on that)."

Rob Stewart

"When it comes to web sites, I am a real novice. An aging novice, to boot! It may be hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but you are managing quite well. You answered all my questions patiently and you are so friendly that I feel comfortable asking questions (dumb questions). I will recommend Host Depot to friends and colleagues. You have always gotten back to me in a timely manner and I like the control panel screens. They are easy to read when you know how. Thanks!"

Jennifer Coplin

"You guys rock! Problems are inevitable with any company. The thing that sets a good web hoster apart from a poor one is its ability to respond to and fix a problem. Thanks very much!"

Tom Fertal

"... My main reason for this email was to commend a number of your Tech Support team members, specifically [ASSOCIATES]. I was having a problem getting my email client properly configured to send outgoing mail using my account at Host Depot for the return address. They stayed on the problem, and responded to my requests very quickly. The instructions they provided were clear and easy to understand, and they followed a logical sequence of steps to debug the problem. Best of all they identified the actual cause, which was my ISP. With their help everything is working fine now.

Apparently you've picked out an exceptional support staff. My guess the future looks pretty bright for Host Depot!"

Jim Butcher

"Thank you to every one who helped me get my new domain up so quickly. I look like a hero to my customer but you are the real heroes! Thanks to your performance, I'll be able to pick up at least one other station and maybe up to five more. You really made my day. Thanks again."

Lucas Choate

"I never had to say this before, but you guys are too fast with your support (an average of two minutes to respond)!"

Dominique De Moor

"Thank you so much for the fast reply ... You would not believe how many other companies do not bother to answer a prospects simple question. I do not know how large a company Host Depot is, but when a person takes the time to answer inquiries it shows alot about the company and its people."

Jim Lutters

"Wow, you guys are terrific! I'm a new customer who found your site very informative and easy to use, established an account, received prompt and accurate confirmation via e-mail, and have my web site on-line - all in one day!

I chose Host Depot over your competition because of the fine on-line image you project. Good work!"

Richard Watson

"Thanks for all the help you gave us during the year! I think Host Depot is far superior to any other ISP I've dealt with!"

Gerard O'Brien

"... I signed up last week. I have already called your support department three times and e-mailed them twice, and your support has been awesome. Every time I called, I waited less than 1 minute to speak to a live person, and that person (each time it was a different person) was always very helpful and friendly and polite. My e-mails were also responded to in a timely and helpful manner.

In a day and age when typical customer service involves navigating your way through 80 menu choices in an ACD queue to reach a cranky and unhelpful person, your company provides a refreshing change of pace. Keep up the good work!"

Kerry Bossak

"I just want to say, up front, that dealing with your site, (and with an actual person, what a treat!), has been effortless and professional... So, thank you for building something that actually works, and having people who actually work!"

Peter Cooper

"You have always been a great help to me in learning how this all works! I like the improvements you have made through the years at Host Depot. You have a good company!"

Tod Pellaton

"As a new customer, I have to say I'm quite impressed with your services.

Choosing hosting services seems analagous to playing darts while blindfolded. Many friends of mine have gone with other hosts and have been quite disappointed. I've even heard a few nightmare scenarios from them. I think I'm rather lucky to have chosen Host Depot.

The biggest selling point for me is your SiteUtil control panel web site. With this, I am able to configure my site without waiting for technical support."

Richard Brunson

"I just wanted to say that I really love your service. You offer the best options and value of any other web host I've used. I just recently setup my second account for an organzation I built a site for and I love the features that let me add e-mail and users. I also like the 'check your e-mail online' feature which this organization will utilize. The support team is also very informative and helpful and I always get quick answers, which is more than I can say for a lot of companies' support teams. Keep up the good work!"

Cameron N. Albert

"I am just writing to say thank you to your company for [ASSOCIATE] in your customer services department! I did have a small problem with my new account and she made my day by treating me with such a GREAT attitude that it simply made my day! She was extremely polite, courteous, and sincere! She not only helped me totally with the problem; but also, went out of her way to help correct it and deal with it for me! Then she even called me back (which she really didn't have to do)! It has been a while since someone from a company has treated me that way (especially when I have called with a 'problem')! Please-extend my thanks to her and her supervisors! It definitely means a lot to me to be treated in such a way! Thanks for your time and business!"

Ray Kepper

"We are all up and running! Once again, thank you for your support and responsiveness in the matter. We are very please over here and are glad to know that there is still good service out there!"

Ric Chavez

"... You are a breath of fresh air! Thank you for your help; it was direct, correct, precise and really helpful! Most of the people I talk to use confusing terms, etc. You should distribute a memo relating your methods and descriptions - they work! Thank You!"

Peter Vickers

"I actually wrote 90% of this letter a few months ago with the intention of completing and e-mailing it to you. Even though it has been some time since I started the letter, my feelings about the quality of your service are so strong that I am compelled to send this letter to you, even so much later.

My company, Napier Realtors ERA, in Richmond, Virginia recently launched a new web site. Our old site was hosted by your firm through our previous website administrator. After much research, including comparison shopping and 'pinging' of web site hosts, we chose to remain with Host Depot.

We have been extremely pleased with the quick and knowledgeable responses from your support staff. Without exception, their demeanor is helpful, friendly and businesslike. Our staff has very little experience with launching a web site. We regret that sometimes we ask the most basic questions, but your support staff always responds with patient, informative solutions.


I am so impressed with your employees. My web site developer feels the same as I. You have terrific staff members! They are so dedicated to quality and so determined to find solutions that I thought maybe they owned the company! [ASSOCIATES] are so exceptional that I wanted to make sure someone at Host Depot hears how pleased we are with your service. Problems are inevitable; it’s the solutions and customer service that differentiate the good from the great.

Your team is fabulous and we want you to know about it. Thank you for excellent support with a good attitude!"

Gail B. Ailor
Director of Corporate Services
Napier Realtors ERA

"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know about the excellent support I received from [ASSOCIATE].

Your staff quickly helped me get my code straightened out, and [ASSOCIATE] went out of her way to help resolve problems I was having accessing one of the accounts during the migration. She fielded many e-mails from me over the course of a couple days, giving me the feeling of close, personal support.

[ASSOCIATE] was polite and knowledgeable, and got my problems fixed in a timely manner. I commend her and Host Depot for the excellent support. Keep up the good work!"

David M. Fornalsky

"I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the quick service. I e-mailed your tech support today and your Tech [ASSOCIATE] got on top of things. My site was up and running within a half hour. I don't think I could get this kind of response anywhere else. I want to let everyone know about your Host Depot service."

Michael Ferrini

"I have been working on web technologies since Mosaic and have had numerous web hosts and colocation providers. I must admit Host Depot is the best web hosting service I have ever worked with. From the minute we signed up, we were impressed at the speed of which our site was functioning. The members section provides us all the necessary tools we need to manage our site. Congratulations on a service very well done!"

Craig MacKay

"Thank you very much for the informative and useful e-mail and for giving us the chance to test our new sites before switching them over. I love the new web-based interface you have created and think the improvements are great. Thanks for running a first-class operation."

Jeff Patterson

"... Tell me the truth... Is Host Depot always going to be this fast? I'm still in shock that I've found a dependable partner to handle my site!"

David Voght

"Just a small message to say a BIG thank you to all you guys (and the girls!) at Host Depot for the fantastic cooperation that we have received. You guys beat all our expectations."

Riyaz Ladiwala

"... Host Depot takes care of problems before they occur. If and when there is a problem, (very few) they solve it immediately. I like the fact that they fix problems when they occur vs. assigning a 'task' to everything.

We've been with Host Depot for almost two years and plan to stay. Our next step is a dedicated server, setup and managed by HostDepot!"

Drew Bourke
AVIDEA - Digital Media

"Let me just say...... WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU GUYS AT HOST DEPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Susanne Flynn

"Thanks for a superb customer service. I have been bombarded with offers from your competitors and what kept me with you guys was the experience of dealing with people like [ASSOCIATE] and [ASSOCIATE]."

John Chaves

"You and your team have been excellent in your service and response time, and I applaud you for that. Keep up the good work. 8)"

Anuj Agrawal

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